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If you get in now you could triple fast

Dear member,

We’ve been trying to bring something with substance to you for some time now and we’ve finally found it. R.N.B.I is a stock that will make your portfolio shine again and give us the reputation as strong analysts. It is currently trading for 20 cents. If you can buy some shares at the current pricing you will be in for a hell of a ride as we are predicting that we will see R,N,B,I go to a dollar by mid july. This company is a very special one as it operates in the legal marijuana sector in Colorado. As you’ve probably heard, that sector is totally on fire at the moment and you would be a fool to think that marijuana is not getting legalized nationwide in the coming short while. Can you imagine what this will do to the price of R_N_B_I? The company is already having a hard time supplying enough cannabis to its customers as it is with just Colorado and Washington allowing legal sales. Imagine when the whole country begins asking for some. At 20 cents R-N-B-I is an absolute steal and I would load up as much as I can.

Your premium analyst,

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B..R..E G U_E_T — W_A..T C H-E..S—-_A..T..___C..H_E..A..P_—-P_R..I-C E! .

What happened to me within a season is a miracle!

Today’s Members’ Report:

18 July 2014

Fw: CVS/Webstore. Expect Something Extra.

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Fw: C..A-N-A_D..I_A-N ---D R U_G-S ..

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Text Post Sun, Jul. 13, 2014 1 note

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There’s been a lot of speculation about where the market is going.

Truth be told no one really knows but it seems like we can expect to see things continue going up a bit.
That being said more companies these days are really overpriced.
Would you get in google at the current share price? Or apple? Or coca cola? they all seem to expensive at the moment.
Instead I’ve been searching for an answer…
R*N-B*I is a stock that is currently very undervalued and its 2-month chart tells a story.
Just weeks ago it was at 35 cents. Now we can pick it up for right around 20 cents and analysts are expecting it to reach a dollar in the coming weeks.
If that’s not a good deal I don’t know what is. The company operates in the legal cannabis industry.
They’re set up in Colorado and there is a lot of action happening there right now as you know.
Colorado and Washington both legalized cannabis recently and the amount of money being made in the industry right this moment is mind boggling.

If I were you I’d buy as many shares of
R-N*B-I as possible at these cheap prices.

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